Hi, I’m Francesca Cristini, an Italian girl. I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion world.
In my family almost everyone sews so I grew up surrounded by a lot of magazines and fabrics.

Unfortunately staring at all those supermodels posters didn’t get me endless legs and I turned out as a 5’2” human being. When you’re a short girl people say you shouldn’t wear what you want.
But I always disagreed. Short girls must have fun with fashion. Basically, this is the reason why I decided to open a blog and share with all the petite girls out there (but not only) my fashion choices. I love to mix high and low, popular and niche brands.

Alongside cool fashion & beauty tricks, my aim is to inspire you when you’re getting dressed every morning and share some real stuff.

During 2016, CHERRY MAG has partnered with more than 100 fashion & beauty brands and I’m constantly looking for new and interesting talents from all over the world.

If you’d like to work together and for everything else, we’re all ears: hello@cherry-mag.com

Just want to say hi or share some feedback?
Feel free to send me a message at francesca@cherry-mag.com