What To Wear When Feeling Blue


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t feel blue sometimes? Last week was a tough one for me, but I had to do something outside the office, so here is what I wore.

Clearly, I wasn’t in the mood but still had to pick up a couple of pieces and force myself to pass through the door and step into the adult world.

First thing I always do when not feeling at 💯 is grabbing my jeans. Nothing makes me feel more confident than denim.

Second one is to choose the top. When I feel sad or insecure I tend to cover my body. Normally I’d choose an old trustworthy top but this time I opted for this amazing Nach shirt (my boyfriend keeps asking if the brand will create it also for boys 🙄) with a porcelain detail on the collar. I hopefully chose it because it was new (let’s face the true, a new item always lifts up the mood) and because of the leopards printed on it.

Then it’s the turn of shoes. We’re still frying under this hot summer sun so I chose a pair of casual sandals with a block heel. Girls these are from Zara, bought them on sale for a ridiculous price: € 5,99!

Last but not least, sunnies to hide behind. Must admit, these Pawaka are not yet mine but I really need them in my life.

What do you wear when feeling blue? Are there certain pieces that lift up your mood?

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NACH shirt
H&M belt
ZARA sandals
PAWAKA sunnies

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