The sunglasses of summer - quirky or classic?


Sunglasses are like a safety net. Especially when you’re running out of the house without makeup.

Do not forget that behind the fashion bonus, sunnies protect your eyes from the sun (make sure yours have certified UV protection lenses). 

Do you prefer classic or quirky frames?

If you’re more on the peculiar side, you should try FAKBYFAK, the first Russian conceptual eyewear brand. This model has been created for Manish Arora. This inverted aviator frame turn a traditional mannish model into a more feminine one. I’m sure every 70s-inspired girl will fall in love with them.

Girls with a more classic style will enjoy Vito by SUNDAY SOMEWHERE. A squared aviator with gloss black glitter details on top, black&blue gradient lenses and silver hardware.


FAKBYFAK by Manish Arora sunglasses
SUNDAY SOMEWHERE “Vito” sunglasses

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