The ‘90s lip gloss trend made contemporary by Smith&Cult


Lip gloss really hit its stride in the nineties. And obvs I’m a ‘90s girl. But let’s be honest: I hated e-v-e-r-y lip gloss I received as a gift for my birthday. I hated that sticky glittery pink glue while every girls around me was blowing kisses in it. Disgusting.

Wait a minute, rewind the tape. I certainly would have loved more lip gloss if they gave me “The Tainted - Lip Stained” by Smith&Cult. Lately I’ve been using the two newest shades: Sweet Suite & Linger Sigh.

Two non-sticky at all lip gloss that makes your lips shiny as patent leather while giving you a veil of color. My favorite is the second one, a “honey + blushed” color that enhance my own lips. First one is a plastic pink that blonde girls will enjoy for sure.

Also, loving the packaging so sleek. Sun is still shining and you’re floating in a pool? Try these nail shades!

*Italian readers this is for you: discover more about Smith&Cult products & much more at adiflagstore.it.

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