Siren lips by Vapour


Let’s talk (again) about lips.

You know I love makeup but, to be honest, I’m not the most talented makeup artist on Earth. That’s why I usually stick to a natural look.

When fall slowly starts to say hi there is a simple step I add that spice up my makeup routine: lipstick.

If you are not into eyes just play with your lip colors and have fun. Lately I’ve been testing two Siren Lipsticks by Vapour, one of my fave organic brands.

The texture is silky (it glides easily on the lips) and moisturizing with a full-coverage effect. You should also try them as a blush, you know how much I love multi-purpose products!

Courage (406) is a cherry red, classy and chic while Coquette (424) is described as a 21st century fuchsia but on me it turns out as a more deep strawberry color. You can use them separately or together to get hot ombre lips.

Which colors should I try next? Soon you’ll see me rocking them in some new pics!

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