Serums of the month: Odacité Jo+L and Bl+C + GIFT


This month I’ve been testing two new Odacité serums: Jo+L and Bl+C. As you may know one of my fave is Pe+C, unfortunately I’ve run out of it (after 4 months) but you can still read my review. I have combination skin and my goal is to keep my complexion clearest as possible.

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Let’s start with Jo+L, which is a serum created for clogged pores. It keeps your pores clean and minimizes breakouts. Jo represents Jojoba that balances sebum production, decongests and minimizes the appearance of pores. L is Lavender, known for its exceptional antibacterial properties. You can add a couple of drops to your cream to supercharge it. Or apply alone for a more intensive treatment (this is exactly what I do). Two drops every night work for my entire face. Probably now you’re wondering: does it work? YES, it works. Just after one night I saw differences in my T-zone (clearly, this is the most problematic area when it comes to pores). After almost a month of tests I can say that my pores never felt and looked so clean. My pores are way less visible even when I apply make-up. Only thing I miss is the anti-sebum power of Pe+C, but that’s another story. I’ve found a new Odacité-never-without!

And now, Bl+C. This serum helps to achieve blemish-free skin. The purifying properties of Black Cumin and the antiseptic power of Cajeput stop and prevent pimple evolution/eruption. Use it as a spot treatment or supercharge your cream but do not use it as a serum for the entire face. DRUM ROLL: it works, it stops any pimple evolution but above all it doesn’t dry out the skin. “Nourishing” and effective, this is now my “spot secret treatment”!

Girls, I’m obsessed with Odacité products. What should I try next?

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