Serums Of The Month: Odacité
Clair De Lune and Bl+J


August is done and I’m ready to slowly slip into autumn. But couldn’t we start a new month without a #serumsofthemonth post?

Odacité hit the centre again and again. This brand is definitely my favorite when it comes to skincare, especially serums.

Summer light is changed and so my skin. I have combination skin and when temperatures decrease my skin gets more oily and impure.

Anyway, before I decide what I’ll be using in September here is the turn of August. Past month I’ve been using Clair De Lune and Bl+J.

Clair De Lune is a radiance serum. August has been a very intense month for CHERRY MAG and my skin lost a bit of glow. The blend of vitamins A, C, E and Wild Carrot seed oil refreshed my tired and dull skin but I preferred applying it only on sides of my face (think of it as a countouring serum). Why? ‘cause my T-zone is starting to shine a little bit more. After every application the skin feels extremely hydrated, you should try it mixed with a tinted cream for an extra dewy effect. As always 2-3 drops will work on damp skin!

Bl+J is a cell energy serums, or basically what I needed this month. This gloriously scented regenerative serum helps revive skin at the cellular level by reinforcing free-radical defense. Delicious full of antioxidants blueberry (seed oil in this case) repairs deeper skin layers while jasmine oil promotes new cell growth and helps healing scars. After 5 days, they told me I look 18 instead of 23. Doesn’t this sound like a more natural and healthy botox? Girls, you should try it. Say hello to your new soft, smooth and younger-looking skin! As for every Odacité serum, you can supercharge your daily dose of cream/serum (I’m currently mixing it with Herbivore Lapis Oil) by mixing in 2-3 drops or apply alone for a more intensive treatment.

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