Serums Of The Month: Odacité C for Colette and Gt+L


While we’re setting up our archive, enjoy a new chapter of #serumsofthemonth series.

Once again last month has been all about Odacité. This brand is definitely my favorite when it comes to skincare. And not only for my face, thei body scrub is one of my summer 2017 body essentials.

Summer season screams “glow, baby, glow”. That’s why I decided to test Gt+L and C for Colette.

First one is a blend of Green Tea and Lemongrass. Known for their astringent and toning properties these two precious ingredients make you skin brighter and smoother. As always you can supercharge your daily dose of cream by mixing in 2-3 drops or apply alone for a more intensive treatment. Not only does it brighten my face, it brightens my mood with the fabulous scent!

C for Colette is undoubtedly my favorite. Custom created for the iconic Parisian store, this high-performance serum is energy- infused with 15% Vitamin C (to stimulate collagen), and a super-food trio (wheatgrass, acai and goji berries) to neutralize free radicals generated by stress and pollution. Plenty of hydration (but no oily-effect) and softness are the major benefits my skin experiences after using it.

Odacité is the first skincare line that has produced consistent and noticeable differences. My goal is to keep clear my combination skin and glow a little bit, what should I try next?

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