Rue Blanche

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You know how much I love discovering new brands, especially when it comes to celebrate ‘female power’. Discover ‘Rue Blanche’ a Belgian label created in 1987.

I interviewed Aude, who together with her sister Astrid, runs the fashion company founded by their mother.

Two years ago they took over the company and are currently setting their stamp on the company id, including continuous work on the brand identity as well as a stronger focus on ecommerce.

We chat a little about what inspires their collections and she told me ‘Our goal is to design clothes that are part of a woman's everyday life. We aspire to create the 'ultimate garment', always perfect, elegant and modern whilst making women feel good and comfortable’. That’s exactly what I liked when I bumped into their site: their clothes are luxurious yet minimalist, both feminine and masculine.

Last but not least I appreciated the particular fabrics and colors selection. Aude also added ‘The choice of fabrics is the main important part before creating a collection. We mainly select high-end fabrics form Italy and Japan. We love working with specific and natural materials such as cotton, wool and viscose’.

Rue Blanche stands for refinement through colors, beautiful materials, cuts and quality. Aude and Astrid are working hard to develop a subtle, refined and creative brand while staying warm and easy-going. They said ‘We are down to earth and we love to share our vision and knowledge to the world’.

At the moment you can find their creations at 9 Belgian boutiques and more than 70 multi brand stores around the world.

Want to know more about their future plans? The duo wants to develop the brand on international markets by being present in the main cities of Europe and is now mainly focusing on The Netherlands market.

And now, enjoy some beautiful looks from their AW collection!

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