Meet Susan Driver, my favorite Aussie jewelry designer

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You know I love jewels and that earrings are my favorite. Unfortunately I suffer from nickel allergy and even if I like a fancy accessory, I often find myself with swollen ears. That’s why, now that I’m 23, I’m trying to buy less but better. Must confess, sometimes I still give up. You know, looking beautiful is hard work 🙈

To me jewels are a real investment. Something you can pass on after you’ve lived some unforgettable moments with. While I was looking for some silver/gold/brass pieces (only materials that don’t cause me pain) I met Susan, a talented women from Australia.

Are you ready to know more about her?

Susan Driver is an architect by profession who always had goldsmithing in the back of her mind. She began jewelry 'design and construct' following the birth of her 2 children.

Her inspiration come mainly from her family, her parents enjoyed art and literature, ‘the basis for exploring this further has always been there’ she said ’as a family we like to travel and explore different cultures. Australia is physically isolated so this is always a bit more work with children however they soon learn they are part of a much bigger world’.

Her current collection BRASS is just that brass. Commonly known as a base metal, brass is a little more challenging than 18 Ct Gold and sterling silver but has a lot of charm and it’s lighter to wear. She added ‘it is the user's choice whether to embrace the natural patina of give it a quick clean in vinegar or lemon juice to bring back it's beautiful golden hue’.

Women of every age can find a piece that suits them, do not forget that brass is also more affordable. She added ‘I think the women who are drawn to my pieces appreciate that each will have it own character and as they are handmade they own 'tell' marks’.

Her pieces are made to order on the site (http://www.susandriver.com.au/) and available at selected stockists. They have just started a wholesale plan so the little team is growing!

Susan also spends time curating @susandriverdesigns Instagram account (where you can find plenty of cool girls wearing her creations) and she’s definitely not ready to ‘hand it over to anyone else because it’s so important that it is reflective of what the brand is born of’.

We asked her to tell us something about future plans and she answered ‘I see Susan Driver as a brand that creates beautiful moments in time for women so there is a natural extension of the jewelry line I am working on. We also want to see the wonderful men in our lives find their moments so don't be surprised if you see a men's line in the very near future!’.

CHERRY MAG is proud to #supportwomen from all over the world. Who’s next?

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