María Secas, Prêt-à-couture from Barcelona

Fashion sauce

From Korea to Spain: ready to discover María Secas? This young label is a member of our #girlpowersquad. If you don’t know what we are talking about, you should know that a lot of our Fashion Sauce stories are about talented women.

María González is the young woman behind this brand. Her vision? “fashion as art, as a way of expression and as a freedom statement.

María Secas is a Prêt-à-couture line designed for women where the quality and attention of Haute Couture meet the street. Attention to detail and craftsmanship, sizes for every female body type, high quality materials and tailoring details are at the heart of the brand.

Art and history represents the main source of inspiration: reinterpretation of classic concepts and contemporary methods come together in limited edition capsule collections with numbered pieces. When a customer makes an order, a new piece is created, there’s no mass production at María Secas.

The latest collection is called “Be a Black Ram.. or not”. It’s all about breaking stereotypes. A collection based on black&white. Commonly seen as opposites whose “balance brings” towards right or wrong. “Be a Black Ram … or not” is a mix of light and shadow that aim to exalt the contrast between them, fka the chiaroscuro. You can notice through the collection a little of 80s vibes: strong shoulders and embellishments transform classy pieces into eye-catching exclusive one of a kind wardrobe staple.

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