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Meet Georgie Caldwell, a talented woman from New Zealand who will teach how to open your heart while not compromising your precious taste.

She’s the mind behind LNO, a new conscious and very classy jewelry line. She started the brand as a result of her volunteer experience at a boys orphanage in Peru in 2013.

She said ‘I was so moved by my experience there that I devoted myself to the idea of creating a sustainable way to giveback to these children in need. LNO stands for Los Ninos Olividados which is Spanish for the forgotten children. When I returned to NZ, after volunteering in Peru, I had a very deep realization of just how sheltered my life in NZ was. I had gone over twenty years of my life without really realizing the struggle of so many children across the world. Coming back to NZ I knew I could quite easily go back to this unconscious view of the world - where poverty was out of sight and out of mind. It was so easy to do. And I know that many of you reading this can relate - if it’s not in your own backyard, it’s not in your thoughts - which means that these children who are struggling go “forgotten”. So, LNO stands for bringing these children into our lives, making them noticed and getting their voices heard’.

Whilst over in Peru, she was inspired by all the side-walk jewelry stalls and markets. Art, fashion and design had always been there, so she didn’t take long before the idea of creating a jewelry social enterprise became her obsession. When she got back to NZ, she spent a year being tutored by an exceptional, traditional jeweler.

We asked her where she seeks inspiration and she told us ‘my inspiration comes from the world around me. There is no one source for my inspiration, it is so variable. Most recently I am finding inspiration in the simplest things, for example a shape or texture’.

Her most recent collection ‘CINTAS’, which is Spanish for ribbons, is all made from sterling silver and gold. However, all the pieces were inspired by fabrics and materials, such as satin ribbons, silk and rope.

Want to know more about her future plans? She’s currently working on a new range which will be released in October. Timeless pieces to be worn everyday and never taken off. Not only, there will be some precious stones. In the long term, she plans on continuing to grow the business while keep supporting more orphanages/causes and collaborate with other artists and designers.

Brava Georgie, support her cause and follow her on Instagram. Can’t get enough? Meet Susan, the Aussie neighbor!

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