Just a touch of color, a collab with Vapour


I’ve never been so strict with my makeup products. Skincare has always been greener. However, in the last six months my interest in natural and organic products has exponentially grown.

I thought it would be nice to share some of my latest favorites by Vapour. Lately this has been my natural and light go-to look. No exaggerations, just a touch of color.

Step one is foundation. I use Atmosphere Soft Focus in S115 (fair with neutral undertones, great for next months) mixed with my Purobio BB cream to warm it. This liquid formula is designed to balance skin, while providing a soft satin finish. A little goes a long way, two pumps will work for face&neck. It covers redness and blemishes with a luminous layer while letting your skin breath underneath (girls with combination skin will understand).

Next step is concealer. I use Illusionist in 015. I use the concealer to help with dark circles, redness and little blemishes. It melts perfectly into my skin leaving it brighter. It isn’t cakey at all and it’s extremely buildable. Plus, the little stick makes it so easy to carry in your bag.

I love neutral shades for my everyday-eyes. I use Mesmerize Eye Color Radiant in Firefly, basically a natural lustrous copper. Hydrating, glossy and with a great staying power this precious stick gives you a sheer sweep of color without chemical adhesives. Last but not least, only tools you need are you fingertips!

To add a little warmth to my face, I use the Artist Multi-Use Palette in Rendez-Vous. An elegant trio that fits in every evening clutch. The palette contains 3 different products: Halo Illuminator in Moonlight, Aura Classic (my all time favorite product from Vapour) in Virtue and Velvet Gloss in Hush. Formulas are creamy and soft-solid. What I like the most is that you can use every single pot (as well as every Vapour products) the way you prefer, for example mix highlighter and aura to create a more luminous lip. Fingertips or brush work beautifully and do not forget that the palette includes a mirror. 

VAPOUR is the perfect brand for girls on-the-go with a more organic approach to beauty, what should I try next?

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