How to: sporty chic with neon colors


Hi, how are you? Spring is currently playing hide-and-seek here in Italy.

As I previously told you I’m in the middle of a “transition-phase“. CHERRY MAG and my whole life included as well as my style. Lately I’ve been pushing myself to try something new and unexpected. I started with a classy dress, then moved to colors (someone said greenery?) and feminine looks.

Anyway this week I overcame another taboo of mine: polo shirts. I’ve always been staring at chic girls wearing those sporty looks but I’ve never felt myself when wearing a polo shirt. But I told you, I’m challenging myself. I started a couple of days ago with a pink one from Flâner. Today is the turn of neon colors. For this sporty chic look I chose a polo shirt from deux A SS collection.

#behindthebrand : AnnalizA, the creative director of deuxA, lives for visual creation. Unique and individual prints, detailed attention towards diversity in textures and materials as well as a very personal mix of colors and shapes are at the heart of AnnalizA’s designs.

I paired this graphic and eye-catching polo shirt with a pair of straight-leg jeans to balance my daring choice. Then I wanted to play with white: I added mid-heel pointy shoes (you already saw them here) and a boxy mini bag from WAUW&LULU. Last touch? A hot pink satin barrette to complete my sleek hair and fresh face.

This is my sporty chic look, show me yours!


DEUX A SS17 polo shirt
ZARA shoes

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