How to mist with Odacité


Here we are with a new video. You girls know that we love Odacité products. We already shared some of our favorites in our beauty section and last week I unveiled my latest “serums of the month”: Jo+L and Bl+C!

#behindthebrand: If you don’t know this skincare brand you must know that Valerie Grandury, the Parisian-living in L.A. founder of Odacité, started all after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She quit her job, went back to school to become a health and wellness coach and embarked in the fascinating journey of removing toxins from her life. She started blending custom-made skincare, for private clients and herself. Word spread fast, demand grew quickly and so was born Odacité – French play on Audacity.

So, this week is all about MISTS and their complete range: Aloe+Immortelle, Rose+Neroli and Mint+Green!

Mint+Green, aims to quickly reduce the appearance of acne & breakout. Basically it’s a Tea hydra-purifying treatment mist that:

- offers you an oil-free hydration,
- clear your pores,
- removes excess oil,
- reduces dullness.

Rose+Neroli, wants to balance skin by minimizing the appearance of pores. This vitalizing mist will:

- give you a fresh complexion,
- balance your sebum production thanks to rose water,
- protect your skin from pollution,
- banish little blemishes.

Aloe+Immortelle, is the perfect choice when it comes to refresh, hydrate & repair mature skin. This hydra-repair treatment mist:

- restores plumpness,
- stimulates cell growth,
- and battles eyes puffiness.

YOU CAN USE ODACITÉ MISTS as a lotion (especially in the morning), throughout the day as a traditional mist to refresh your face, as a makeup setting spray, and after cleansing to restore skin pH !

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