How to be a modern princess with Flâner


It’s Tuesday and this means it’s time for a new outfit post. After last red overdose I challenged myself: how to be a modern princess?

As you may know I’m not 100% feminine when it comes to clothes, even if a lot of people see me as a super sweet girl. During the last month I tried to be more feminine. I started with Pitchouguina some weeks ago. I was wearing a classy dress perfect for formal occasions. While this week is all about daytime with a Flâner total look.

I choose a skirt and a polo shirt that you can use for different occasions. Just try to imagine them with a pair of sneakers or flats sandals for chicest-vibes. Anyway, this is my version of a modern princess. I tucked a pink polo shirt (wrinkle-resistant, your should give it a chance if you hate ironing) in a technical fabric high waisted skirt. The skirt comes also with a funny belt and you know how much I love belts. As I was living my modern urban princess moment I added my red Mary-Janes that gave a nice latino twist to the whole look. As I was a princess, should have I forget pearls?

Definitely I created a look made of contrasts. I don’t believe in trends, you should wear what makes you feel good. And I just discovered that sometimes, being more feminine or a modern princess makes me feel good.

Do you like this modern princess look? Would you ever wear a look made of contrasts? Show me how you channel your inner modern princess!


FLÂNER MILANO total look
ZARA shoes & earrings

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