Highlighting & contouring made easy with purobio resplendent


After face & body essentials is the turn of my summer makeup staples.

As you know I really love makeup and one of my favorite brands is puroBIO, a natural and organic line made in Italy.

Lately I’ve been doing my base with their BB cream (#02) but today we’re gonna talk about RESPLENDENT, their latest summer collection. Ready to discover the complete range of highlighters & bronzers.?

RESPLENDENT comes with 3 different highlighter shades:

- 01 champagne, for all skin types
- 02 pink, for light skin
- 03 copper, for medium and darker complexion

The light and silky texture and the creamy formula make these glowing pots easy to use. Try them with fingers for a more intense effect or with brush #12 (a must in my makeup bag), exclusively designed for all facial contouring techniques.

Emphasize the natural bright points of your face (cheekbones, cupid’s bow and tip of the nose) or use them as glowing eyeshadows. 01 is definitely my go-to while 03 is a perfect copper for my lids. 02 is a daring color for me and I’m now experimenting it for a pinky eye. You literally need 1 minute to achieve a bright, fresh, standout look.

And now let’s move to bronzers:

- 01 light brown, for medium and light skin
- 02 walnut brown, for medium and dark skin
- 03 beige brown, for medium and light skin
- 04 mud brown, for medium and dark skin

As for the highlighters, the entire bronzer collection has a very light formula that allows you to sculpt your face and play with shadows to re-create volume. I’m always a bit scared when it comes to contouring but these bronzers are slowly pushing me towards a new makeup experience. Needless to say that you can use them as eyeshadows.

Please, note that they’re more cooler than what you’ll probably see on screen!

The packaging of RESPLENDENT comes in the form of a magnetic refill. So you can decide to replace the product, choosing a different color or refilling with the same after it’s gone. But if you like more the idea of a palette, you could try the new sleek one with a big mirror that debuted with this collection.

Every time puroBIO surprises me a lot, I’m so excited to discover what’s coming next season!

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