Go green with Moa: magic organic apothecary


Sorry girls for my absence. As I told you some posts ago I’m in the middle of a transition phase.

I didn’t forget my lovely readers, so I decided to end this week with a double beauty appointment. Let’s fly from Spain to England and get ready to meet MOA: Magic Organic Apothecary.

#behindthebrand: MOA is a natural skincare line made in England, inspired by old herbal folklore. Yarrow (aka Achillea Millefolium) is their hero-herb. It was named after Greek hero Achilles, who legend has it, used it to heal his soldiers’ wounds after battle.

I had the opportunity to test their Facial Gift Set, which contains their Green Balm, Aphrodite Facial Oil and a special bamboo face cloth. As you probably know I love multipurpose products and The Green Balm is one of them. What can you do with this cream-to-oil special balm?

- soothe dry skin and minor rashes,
- help heal little cuts and blisters
- zap insect bites,
- treat chapped lips,
- calm inflamed skin after shaving,
- and remove eye-makeup!

What can I say about it? In conclusion I need to say that my fave “action” is the last one. Yeah, it is really good as a makeup remover. You simply have to warm up a little bit of product between your fingertips then smear the oil over closed eyes. Pick the bamboo cloth, dip in hot water and gently remove eye-makeup. Lastly dip the cloth in cold water and press the soft side to close your pores. Enjoy your clean and fresh face while being surrounded by a dreamy herbal scent.

Then I apply some drops of Aphrodite Facial Oil. A special blend of Rosehip oil enriched with Damask rose and organic yarrow essential oils. The formula it’s a little greaser than my usual serums but it doesn’t make me breakout. It leaves your skin hydrated and smooth. But what I like the most is its dewy effect. I like to use it as a sort of very natural highlighter. Suitable for every skin type, you should have it in your beauty cabinet!

Have you ever tried MOA products? What’s your fave?

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