Eyes on you


Today I want to talk a little bit about another important area of your body.. your eyes!

I always struggled with mine: at 12 I developed myopia and later, astigmatism. Surely having worked in front of a pc for most of my working carrier didn’t help.

Two years ago I started using eye products but nothing satisfied my needs such as Odacité. Trust me girls, this is not a sponsored post, I really like this brand a lot.

My currently favorites are: Ba+S Serum and the Ultra Effective Eye Cream.

First one is a luxury serum concentrate. It’s highly nutritive (it contains vitamins A, E and F). The Baobab oil targets all signs of aging helping to reduce wrinkles and increase elasticity while Sarsaparilla, Palmarosa Neroli and Lavender oils support wrinkle reduction and help fighting puffiness and dark circles. When I use it I can really see the difference, especially when I put concealer on, why? No more creasing.

Second one is a rich but light cream that protects and treats the delicate eye area. It contains organic pomegranate extract, with its powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals, while Hyaluronic Acid plumps fine lines and wrinkles. Apply a few drops using your pinky finger, apply by patting starting from the inner corner of the eye and outward around the eye area, then smooth over.
The result? Moisturized eyes, softer & smoother skin and no more dark circles!

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