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Even if we’re currently working on something bigger, my cool hunting activity never stops. Let’s fly back from Belgium to Italy.

Are you into the lingerie-trend? If so, I’m sure you’ll love ANNAGIULIA, a new sexy & delicate Italian brand!

Founded in 2016 by an idea of Giulia (designer & art lover) who, after the graduation at Polimoda Fashion Institute of Florence, various work experiences in Italy and an internship in New York, won the “Luxury Law Summit 2015 Rising Star Young designer of the Year award” in London.

Then she decided to create ANNAGIULIA Firenze involving her sisters in the business. This way she created a great female team linked by the desire to express an ethereal femininity inspired by the lingerie and couture world.

Timeless, international pieces entirely hand sewn in Florence using innovative and precious fabrics are at the base of every collection. The brand speaks to a dreamy bohemian woman, almost a Botticelli’s creature, who’s able to transform her femininity into power enhancing it with laces and sexy details but never in a vulgar way.

Muses of the brand are female artists (singers, dancers, actresses, activist and mothers) with a strong yet sweet character.

ANNAGIULIA is currently available in Milan, Ravenna, London, Monaco, China and Kuwait.

But now let’s talk about the FW collection called ‘Lovers in Japan’ that takes inspiration from the Land of the Rising Sun and the movie “Kill Bill Vol.1”, in particular the last part of it, when the Bride tracks down O-Ren at the House of Blue Leaves and they have a fight in a Japanese Garden during a snowy night with a peaceful atmosphere in strong contrast with the two characters.

The first one in a yellow bloodstained set and the other one in an iconic white kimono. That’s why the brand presents two prints, one geometrical with energetic colors and the other one soft and pure with a feminine palette. A collection full of reversible kimonos in wool & silk with fur details and ethereal gowns with inlays of laces. Colors range from soft cream, girly pink, lemon yellow, light grey, red love, deep purple and unmissable blue!

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