Alex Carro: unisex natural skincare routine


Hi girls and hi guys! Yeah, because this week beauty article is all about your new Alex Carro unisex skincare routine.

Ready to discover the only products you and your sweetheart will need?

#behindthebrand: Alex Carro is a beauty brand from Barcelona. The studio creates natural cruelty-free multipurpose mixable unisex products. Another fact to note is that their creations are suitable for all skin types.

1/5 Natural Balancing Face Oil

Ok, you know that I love facial oils. I started using this one after my face went a little crazy and it helped me healing my skin. This hydrating natural balancing face oil has a light formula and a “heavy” scent that your boyfriends will love. How I use it? I simply warm 3-4 drops in my hands and massage into my face and neck. Among the many natural ingredients we find Moroccan Argan (which is one of my fave natural multipurpose beauty secrets) and Japanese rice bran oils with their smoothing and regenerating properties. What I’ve seen at the end of my #testdrive is a smoother and clearer complexion. Furthermore, you can mix it with the next product to create a hydrating face mask!

2/5 Facial Cleanser

A gel-to-oil cleanser that switches to a milky formula when water is added. An all-natural cleanser made up of jojoba oil (emollient properties), petitgrain (balances sebum production), palmarosa (regulates hydration) and calming bitter orange. Apply it over closed eyes to remove makeup, emulsify with water then rinse and pat dry. It doesn’t dry out the skin, which is one of the first things I look for when trying a new cleanser, hence CHERRY MAG approved!

5/5 Multiuse Balm

Seems like I finally found a good alternative to my beloved Nuxe lip balm. This natural skin and lip balm combines a formula of calendula, chamomile, neroli, shea and cocoa butters to condition, soothe and protect your skin. Due to its precious blend it leaves your lips hydrated but not glossy, particularly relevant when it comes to boys. I love to use it before going to bed to wake up with the softest lips ever!

Did you ever tried Alex Carro products? I need to try the last two steps to complete the whole experience!

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