3 Genius hair products you’ll need to try before summer ends


Lots of people ask me how I keep my hair so long and healthy. Secret is that I try to keep it natural as possible and tons of argan oil.

But you know, there are some moments when even a messy hair lover like me need to have a polished mane.

I love getting my hair combed by professional hands but I’m that kind of girl-on-the-go. It always ends up with me in front of my bathroom’s mirror hoping it will be fast.

Thankfully Alterna made me try some products from the Caviar collection and my summer routine has been quickened by three amazing tools.

When I want soft hair with subtle waves I use INVISIBLE ROLLER. Basically a weightless countour setting spray that lifts from root to tip. Spray throughout clean wet hair prior to blow drying and use a round brush to achieve an instantly contoured look. If you’re not a pro with round brushes like me you can completely dry your hair then use a curling iron!

Need chic sleek hair? Try SATIN, a rapid blowout balm. With heat protection this balm smooths the hair speeding up styling time. You simply have to apply throughout damp hair before blow drying. Finish with flat iron for smooth and shiny locks. 30 min and I’m ready to go. I tested this balm in a hot Milan day and.. trains+appointments+shopping session left my hair straight af.

Day 2 or 3? Hair need a refresh but you don’t have time to properly wash it. SHEER DRY SHAMPOO is here to help. This sheer, talc-free powderextends the life of your blowout, leaving hair looking and feeling freshly cleansed between washes. It gently absorbs excess oils and impurities while adding texture and volume. Like every Alterna product it has a very pleasant scent but what I like the most is that it seems to insert your head in a white fluffy cloud. This little gem last approximately 200 uses. Spray, wait and remove the powder by massaging with fingertips or a brush. I use Tangle Teezers, how cute is this compact flamingo styler by Skinny Dip?*

And if your hair is perfect but you don't have time to put some makeup on? Hide your tired eyes behind a cool frame! Try Valentine by Sunday Somewhere, a perfectly round unisex shape with detachable clip-on/clip-off sun lens.

*Italian readers this is for you: discover more about Alterna products & much more at adiflagstore.it.

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