10 min full classic face with Labo


We partnered again with Labo.

Last time I showed you how to create a ‘metallic eyes & a bold lip’ in 5 min, this new full face is all about a more classic look in double the time but only ‘cause there is eyeliner involved.
What did I use? Read below!

- start with your usual base,
- brighten up the eye area with the Lightening Touch Concealer. A smooth and lightweight formula with micro particles that enhance your natural radiance. I used shade 201 (ALABASTER).
- add a touch of color to your cheeks with the Pressed Blush. I used shade 54 (PINK) since I’m slowly starting to show again my pale skin!

- use an angled brush and apply eyeshadow along your lash line. I used the Mono in 14 (CHARCOAL, a soft black),
- define your eyes with the Fine Perfection Eyeliner in 301 (BLACK). Don’t be afraid by the thin tip it’s very easy to use,
- finish with a black mascara. My lashes are very straight so I went for Over Curl!

- complete the look with a shiny lip. I used the Voluminous Silk Lip Gloss in Transparent. A clear lip gloss enriched with golden particles to reflect light and make your lips fuller.

10 min for a classic and timeless face. Tell us more about your 10 min full face routine!

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