New York Fashion Week day 1.

I’m back with new reports. Read my reviews, discover what I think, I know you need something to read: easy and fast ’cause you’re a busy girl.

Let’s start!

Brock Collection: a very romantic collection made up of (very) wearable pieces and beautiful gowns. Mink, wool, taffeta. Simple pieces like sweaters and pencil skirts, soft-bustier dresses (so feminine) and then luxurious fur coats.

Adam Selman: ok, Valentine’s Day is definitely in the air. A collection that plays between romanticism, disco, cocktail parties and work-time. Lots of roses and sparkles. Clearly you can see 80s vibes (aka the key to my heart!). Denim pieces (real life-savers) and those soft pants and suits are my fave!

Creatures of Comfort: a collection labeled for the outdoor life. Of course you’re not going camping with those beautiful glittery skirts. Try to imagine a woman who lives in a beautiful country house and wears the most “basic” pieces: pure perfection. Lurex, velvet and flowers. Love that camel coat, so chic and also the vitaminic hot pink that brings a “positive” touch to the collection. Probably my fave show of the day.

What do you think about this first day? Tell me more about your fave shows and looks! Share your thoughts in the comments below.