Happy Tuesday girls, sun is (finally) out. Do you know a better way to celebrate spring than wearing a pair of bright red pants?

After last week Victorian inspired look and the feminine Pitchouguina dress I was in a completely relaxing mood and I decided to wear my Dr Denim baggy red pants.

As a 5’2″ girl I often struggle with finding clothes that suit me. But I do not think there are items you shouldn’t wear, let me explain. You just have to experiment and learn a couple of tricks.

For example? Baggy pants often scare short girls. I’m not saying that every short girl should wear baggy pants but if you like them, be brave.

A couple of tips for short girls I always stick to when I wear baggy pants? Try an high-waisted line, tuck a tee/shirt/sweater and add a belt to optically elongate your legs. Try a color-block look: here I mixed my baggy red pants (bright and eye-catching, must admit) with a simple white tee and my white Adidas Stan Smith. Sometimes simplicity is the key and Vic knows it. 


H&M tee

DR DENIM Kylie Trousers

ZARA belt

ADIDAS Stan Smith

Mango earrings