ON AIR: Tainted Love – Soft Cell

Hi girls, another week has started and February is around the corner. Are you ready for a new month? Are you following #MMFW? On Sunday I was in Milan and I saw some photographers taking some pics. Let me know if you see me on the net please!

Anyway, it’s Tuesday and I’m here with a new outfit post. My tomboy passion is still here as well as my vintage one. If last week I wore an old Armani blazer, this time I picked my vintage Versus Versace perfecto and strolled along the city.

As you know, I love experimenting. I’m in the middle of my fashion evolution but I know a couple of things about me: I love masculine inspired pieces, I do not like being too much sugary, I love 80s and natural makeup and.. ok wait, I can’t unveil all my secrets in one post!

When I have to work or just go out with my boyfriend and friends I want only one thing: comfort. So that’s why I’m wearing my black ALL STAR (best shoes in the world) and a pair of jeans ’cause I can’t stop living my #denimdays.

I keep the look very simple by adding my mum’s vintage turtleneck (probably the most worn of the season) and my daddy’s vintage belt, which is a life-saver, you know it’s double-face. Yes, it’s the same I was wearing on my way to the office.

What can complete a tomboy look? A perfecto of course. This black patent leather jacket is a vintage Versus Versace and I do not need to say that’s one of my fave pieces. It makes you feel a bad girl!

I added a couple of gold touches: my beloved Roz Buehrlen rings and a pair of statement earrings to balance the tomboy look and a light makeup.

What do you think about this look? Are you a tomboy or a sweet girl? Tell me more in the comments below!



VINTAGE turtleneck

DADDY’S vintage belt