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Hi girls, how are you? Did you miss me? 

Sorry for the radio silence but I’ve been thinking. Yes, I’ve had pretty busy weeks (you know, meetings and fashion events) and big thoughts.

I’m really shy and this blog is helping me being more confident, but I’m still really reserved. During the last months my Instagram has turned out as a lookbook. Of course, I’ve a blog and you’re clearly gonna see my looks but, after almost a year I want to open up myself. I would like to show you tiny bites of my life, my obsessions, what inspires me. Would you like to see that?

Plus after a year of blogging, I started struggle with it. I was trying to focus on this activity and suddenly I thought: “Why people come and read my articles? What attract them?”. Anytime I meet someone the first thing they say is “how tiny are you”. Yes, I’m 5’2″ and very thin. I always struggled with insecurities and so on but that’s another chapter of the story. So I thought, why don’t turn CHERRY MAG into a platform where I share looks and tips for petite girls like me? I truly believe that short girls should deserve much more attention and that’s how this new chapter begins. Are you ready to jump with me?

As I told you this month I will try to be more “personal” and share with you my inner thoughts. Hope you’ll support my new mission and welcome a new look.

When I was a teenager I really loved leggings. I literally wore them in every possible occasion. With a big hoodie for school-time, with can I say it? horrible feminine dresses 😱 and long shirts for my free-time. Then at 17 I stopped wearing them. They only become part of my at-home uniform. Two seasons ago designers started to reinsert this garment into their collection and I started again thinking about them. No, I’m not talking about workout pants but how to reinvent this piece as a “mature” girl. Girls, I’m turning 23 this year!

Are you ready to analyze the look? 

poplin shirt: last week I found this one on sale and my fave part are the cuffs, big and slightly bell-shaped. I believe that versatility is everything: this shirt can be worn in a lot of different ways. Girls I need spring so much, I can’t stop looking at shirts and imagine warm rays of light on my skin.

black leggings: the crux. To re-start this old habit of mine I opted for a basic black. I bought these at Tezenis, an Italian chain you probably know thanks to Rita Ora. I mixed them with the poplin shirt just to keep the chic-side a little bit higher. I didn’t remember how much was comfy strolling around with them!

furry shoes: ok girls, I’m in love with these Anna Baiguera furry shoes. They were born as a ballerina but during a trip they got damaged. I love them so much that I turned them into furry mules, aren’t they so chic?

(half) DIY belt bag: how to create a belt bag if you don’t own a brand new one? Pick a belt (this one is a vintage one from mamma) and add a little clutch with a loop in the back. I’m wearing a trousse from OOD, do you remember that sustainable brand? I opted for brownie shades to call back the shoes!

PS: I cut my hair, I feel like a brand new person.


H&M shirt

TEZENIS leggings



OOD trousse