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-3 to Christmas, are you excited? 

This is our last casual look but do not worry, next week we’ll publish the last outfit article of the year!

We are working on the blog: new concepts, a new schedule, new columns and so on. Can’t wait to start a new year. We launched CHERRY MAG last January and we’re so proud of its evolution. I want to thank you all because without you, this could not happen. If you want to continue supporting us, please follow me on Instagram!

This has been a busy week: gifts, cooked a lot of biscuits, work meetings and so on. I love winter but there is a thing I can’t, literally, stand: fog. I live in a very “foggy” place and this means there’s always a lot of humidity and taking pictures is a real struggle. Come on sun, show your cold rays!

What I decided to wear for the last working days? 

Must be honest, I’m not feeling Christmas this year and my go-to color has been the one and only black.

I started with one of my favorite jackets of the season. A double face short jacket from Bosideng. Definitely my FW has been strictly connected to this brand, if you want to know more about it read this article. Black patent (eco) leather and a fuzzy collar that you can remove. I love Bosideng jackets because they are so versatile, do you remember that time I was wearing that double coat?

Under my black patent leather jacket I was wearing a vintage grey body that comes straight from my mum’s closet. You know this season has been all about body conscious turtlenecks.

The fog can’t stop my #denimdays so here I am with my fave jeans from Miss Selfridge.

Shoes? Freezing temperatures are made for boots. These Mango black patent boots are my everyday go-to boots. A little heel and comfort are the keys for your busy days.

The belt is another vintage find: dad’s double face belt.

I completed the look with my VVA zebra clutch: girls, you need at least one bag from this brand. Great quality and lots of options to spice up your bag routine!

Do not forget to visit the blog tomorrow: I’ll share my fave lipsticks of the month!


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JACKET Bosideng

BODY vintage

JEANS Miss Selfridge


BELT vintage