ON AIR: Art Deco – Lana Del Rey

I told you, this week I’m all about cozy sweaters. It’s still freezing here plus it’s started raining.

Today I want to show you a very very simple everyday casual outfit. A ton sur ton look made up of denim and brownish shades.

When I was younger I was completely into brown: I wear something brown e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. Then when I turned 18 my love for brown disappeared and I started wearing black. Until last month. I’m slowly falling in love again with this color. If before I wore a lot of dark shades now I’m more into light ones. My current favorite? Camel. But I also love more “alcoholic” hues, look at the shoes I was wearing here. Must be honest, I still prefer black but I’m seriously reconsidering brown.

I think this look is so easy to wear as the last one I shared, but more on the basic side. What I’m wearing? 

– camel turtleneck: you know, I think that turtlenecks are a wardrobe staple and you must have a couple of them in your closet ’cause they will always solve a fashion emergency.

– denim: I’m wearing GRACE from Aly John. This Portuguese brand has conquered my heart. A classic straight leg, slightly boyish and vintage.

– suede belt&shoes: shoes are from L’Intervalle, a brand that I love. It offers us so many options and you can literally find a shoe good for any look. I decided to cross the straps and wear them as a sort of tango-shoes! Do you like it?

You can easily complete the look with a coat or a blazer and do not forget to play with accessories (glasses or earrings?)! This is one of my go-to looks. I can dress like this and go to work, see friends at lunch, go to meetings, meet my boy.. Do you like my ton sur ton look? Are you more into black or brown? Tell me more about your go-to look in the comments below!