Girls, are you ready to see me in a very different look? That’s how I styled my Pitchouguina dress.

You know I’m a pants-girl. This doesn’t mean I don’t like skirts or dresses, I just feel more confident when I wear pants. I don’t know if this is connected to my insecurities, but I’ve never felt confident with my body. Since I was a child people highlighted how my eyes were big (they used to call me owl), how much I was thin (they told me, and still do it, that I was suffering from anorexia and didn’t care if when I was a baby doctors made me do a lot of tests and then discovered that everything was ok, I’m thin, I’m fine, that’s my body), that my hair was too long and I was a member of the Addams family and other things. I’m trying to open up myself on the blog (it’s not easy, I’m a really reserved and I even struggle talking with people I love) to fight my insecurities, to overcome my shyness.

But let’s get to the point: when I try for the first time this beautiful Pitchouguina dress, I felt good. You know I’m not a sugary girl but this super feminine, sleek dress makes me feel so good. When I watched in the mirror I saw a grown-up version of mine. That’s the power of fashion. I simply added red lips and pearl earrings. I want to feel good, the way I want to feel good. And even if it will be a long journey, I’m ready. I want to be myself and do not care what they say about me. Thank you Anna for this dress. 

PS: Anna is so talented, discover more bout her brand here!