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Even if I’m almost always wearing something black, I do not carry a total black look so often. Last look has been one of my tomboy outfits, today I will share with you a different look. Austere and feminine at the same time.

Let’s start analyzing a total black look: 

sweater: yes, it’s the same black turtleneck I wore with the Versus Versace jacket. Same sweater for a completely different outfit. High neck and body-con as I like.

pants: these are a vintage pair from my aunt’s untouched wardrobe. Depending on how you style them they completely change the final result. Here I opted for a sort of “culottes”.

belt: girls, isn’t it beautiful? It comes from MANGO so it is affordable and if you’re lucky enough you could still find it on sale. I love belts and my next purchase will be a corseted belt of course!

shoes: I bought these ones in Paris. I think pointy flats are the best shape: they elongate a little bit your feet and legs if you are a short girl.

accessories: I chose these earrings ’cause they match the “texture” of the belt’s buckle. Then I added more touches of gold with some rings. The two dainty little rings are my beloved Roz Buehrlen stackable rings. Last but not least here I’m wearing the Divinity Small Gold Plated ring from Susan Driver. Susan Driver is one of my fave Aussie brands. Susan draws inspiration from travel, art, fashion, architecture and beauty in everything. Timeless elegance is the right definition for her creations. Each piece is handcrafted in Brisbane Australia.

Show me your total black looks and tell me what you think about mine in the comments below!


VINTAGE turtleneck


MANGO belt