I can’t believe it. CHERRY MAG is 1 year old today 🎉🎉.

Our journey began last January: CHERRY MAG was said to be our window on the world.
We started talking about fashion, beauty and tech. The blog was divided into two main sections: women and men.

After a few months we decided to “emphasize” the women section. Brands ask us to not only speak about them but also to show their products. That’s how my outfit section was born. Partnerships started to grow and our cool hunting mission overtake the Italian boundaries.

In September we launched a new version of the site: a completely new blog, a new logo and a new projects. We started to upload more looks and build a real schedule.


Now, after a year we’re ready to begin a new journey. For example? The MAN section is back. Who will take care of it? Gianluca.

Gianluca Cerutti (@cherrygianluca), my partner in crime, is a web designer but he also share with me a passion for fashion. You can discover more about him here. The MAN section will be available from January, 9th. Stay tuned guys!

And what about me?
I’m still that that shy girl that in June opened a public profile on Instagram (@cherryfranci) and now I would like to thank you all of you because we’re 10k+. Without you our blog couldn’t evolve and we’re constantly working on it to bring you exclusive contents, so make sure to follow us on Bloglovin (just insert your email address in the right sidebar).  Keep follow my fashion evolution and my adventures as a cool hunter!



Francesca & Gianluca


P.S. : after only 6 months we’ve been featured on WhoWhatWear UK. Couldn’t receive a better Christmas gift!