ON AIR: Enter the ninja – Die Antwoord

Hi guys!

I’m always late, but the flu has come (honestly, I’m a real chronic latecomer 😅)!

Today we have the first appointment of a new series called “Men’s accessories 101”. We’ll start with a basic and fundamental one: the card holder. 

I’ve always thinked about the wallet as a “thorny” accessory. Always full of old business cards and cents (I hate them!). Every year I had to buy a new one ’cause I literally destroyed them.

The turning point quickly come when Francesca gave me a green classic Calvin Klein wallet only for cards and notes.

But I still wasn’t completely satisfied. It was uncomfortable when I was drumming and driving. Probably 8 cards were too much, I needed something more comfortable!

One day, while I was looking for some books I found an old purchase. A brown Tommy Hilfiger card holder. (Again) love at first sight!

Anyway, I still needed something more polished so I bought a Prada wallet for the special occasions.

But now I can (finally) buy a coffee with a card even here in Italy. What does this mean? I need a new card holder, slimmer and comfortable.. and guys, I’ve just found it. And it’s Made in Italy!

OOD – did your read the cool hunting post about this label? – is a young brand that aims to create sustainable fashion accessories. They created a new material, called “Ligneah“, to substitute real leather by mixing wood and cotton!

This card holder has 6 pockets so you can literally carry all of your cards. It’s made of an exclusive “python-birch”, so soft and light. It’s a must for all the men out there who are looking for something “comfortable”, handy and unique!

Do you hate wallets? Let me know if you prefer a simple card holder or a classic wallet int the comments below! Also share your thoughts about this brand and the innovative Ligneah! 

See you next week ✌️