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Hi guys, today I want to talk you about one of my biggest passions: fragrances.
I think about a fragrance as a garment. I change my fragrance depending on what I’ll be doing. Are you ready to discover my personal man’s guide to fragrance and my current top 5? Let’s go!Jean Paul Gaultier: Le Male

Le Male is my everyday go-to. I bought it in Paris and I love the freshness given by mint. I think it’s a good daytime fragrance and I wear it when I’m having a coffee with friends or at the office while I’m creating new websites!

Dior: Sauvage

When I tried this one for the first time I said: Gianluca, you must have it! Sauvage is a good springy fragrance, fresh but at the same time intense. I love the almost hypnotic woody notes that it releases through the day. This is a fragrance that I like to share and wear when I’m having company.
TIP: I do not recommend wearing it during summer. I think it gets too much insistent.
Valentino Uomo Eau De Toilette

When it comes to Valentino, I instantly fall in love. Clothes, accessories and yes, even fragrances.
If someone should ask me what is my fave fragrance, I would reply this one of course. As for Pierpaolo’s beautiful designs, this EdT is marked with that never ordinary vibrant classicism. Valentino Uomo is my favorite nighttime aroma, enchanting&captivating. I love, again, its woody almost smoked notes. After a few hours you’re wearing it, it becomes perfect, trust me. Great for fall and spring.
Dolce & Gabbana: The One

This is one of my latest scented-purchases and Francesca loves it (p.s.: she uses it)! The One is the perfect scent for fall and winter. The fragrance changes through the day, a feature that makes it wearable during appointments as well for a night out. It’s an important EdT: sophisticated and classy. During the day it becomes more and more masculine on my skin with its woody and tobacco notes.  A fragrance that your sweetheart will certainly appreciate.
Yves Saint Laurent: l’Homme Eau De Toilette

Let’s finish with a scent that I haven’t use so much, Why? Because it’s not yet the right moment. L’Homme is a perfect aroma for those hot summer nights. Fresh and masculine, it is perfect also for the most important appointments.

Which fragrances do you use? Which ones are your favorite? Any tips? Tell me more in the comments below and see you next week with a new MAN post!