I’ve never been a football lover probably because I’ve never been a good football player.. Anyway, one of my fave football-things are uniforms with their colors and shapes. Must admit that 80s uniforms are specifically appealing.

My family supports Juventus and today I want to talk you about my team and Kappa.

Kappa is an Italian sportswear brand born in the 50s. But only in 1980 the brand headed, for the first time, towards a sport sponsorship: Kappa created uniforms for Juventus.

Today, the style of those uniforms (but not only) lives again with the ss17 of Kappa Kontroll. Sweatshirts, pants and oversize T-shirts for a collection that gravitates between sport-and-streetwear.

TO80 capsule is a tribute to the first Juventus-collab, while LA84 recalls the year the Turinese factory created uniforms for the whole USA olympic team.

Black, white and golf for the first; vivid colors, denim and acetate for the second one.


Which one do you prefer? 

See you next week ✌️