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Hi guys, I’m back!
I’m Gianluca, 22, a web developer and a fashion lover.

Every Monday I’ll publish a (male) article completing Francesca’s job as a cool hunter, but not only so.. stay tuned.

Today I want to start with an Italian brand: Pantaloni Torino.

Founded in the late 60s by Pierangelo Fassino, Pantaloni Torino born as a male (pants) brand for the large retailers.

The company changes through the years conforming with the market.

90s: for the first time ever they create a complete male line. Jackets and suits enter Pantaloni Torino’s catalogue.

2007, the turning point: they introduce PT01, an high quality pants line for men. Sartorial cut, precious fabrics and original details.

Two years later it’s time for another line: PT05, made up of high quality denim pants. The same year, Pantaloni Torino decides to definitely abandon the large retail sector to focus on the creation and sale of high quality pants. But that’s not all: they also introduce two new lines, PT01 Woman (Francesca loves it) and PT Bermuda.

The distinguishing features of Pantaloni Torino are the masterful sartorial cut and all the high quality precious fabrics they use.

Today there are four main lines: PT01, PT01 WomanPT05 and PT Bermuda. 

My favorite? The PT01 Style: Business, perfect for my last wintry appointments!


Do you know this Italian brand? What you think about them and what kind of pants do you like? Tell me more in the comments below. See you next Monday with a new post for the MAN section!