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It’s my birthday. 22 years old. I’m getting older but I’m happy ’cause I’m trying to live my dream through this blog.

This week fashion discovery is combined with a very special project we’ve worked on.

We’ve had the pleasure to try some of the most innovative and exclusive sunglasses on the market. The brand? pq by Ron Arad!



Ron Arad is an Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect who also worked for Swarovski and Kenzo.

He said: “Most glasses look serious. pq has some serious frames and is serious about its frames. But it’s not a fully signed-up member of the Serious Club. It plays a little on the outside”

New technologies and materials create strong, light, modern anti ordinary and entirely 3D-printed frames that you can not easily saw around you. Different aesthetics meet functionality and high performance. Light (only 18 grams), neither screws nor joints. The frame is a sort of spinal column. The pq headquarters are in Susegana, near Conegliano, Italy.

3 lines available with sun and optical frames: A, B and D.

pq-1 pq-2

We have tried two different frames from the D-Frame collection:

– D905-N22 (him),

– D906-R13 (her), I opted for a red frame even if I usually stick to black and tortoise, but it was fun and now I’m looking for more colorful frames!

Hope you like the photos and remember, these frames are only..

for people who see beauty in difference.

pq-3 pq-4 pq-5 pq-6 pq-7 pq-8 pq-9 pq-10 pq-11 pq-12 pq-13

Have you ever heard of pq eyewear? We can’t wait to try their A line! Sound off in the comment below!

Big thanks go to pq eyewear and Giovanna! 💙