ON AIR: Don’t Forget About Me – Cloves 

Last week I’ve shown you where to find those cool kids pins an today is the turn of a super feminine and romantic brand: Ziiga.



The mind behind this brand is Victoria, Lithuanian born she lived and studied fashion in South Africa, where the local handcrafting cultures influenced her aestethic .

Her trademarks? Sun-printed silk and lace fabrics along with romantic silhouettes. Romantic and bohemian at the same time. Leaves, ferns, flowers and seedpods are the natural elements we can find in her beautiful collections!

Consider that “natural elements such as rocks and rice are incorporated to create different texture patterns. The special light-sensitive dyes react to sunshine and only when the leaves are removed we can see the unique effect on the fabric. The colour intensity depends on the intensity of light and exposure to sunshine. For this reason, each fabric is unique and as such can never be identically reproduced.”

A sort of “bucolic”romance: not girly, slightly flirty and “mature”. Celebrate your feminine side and be a powerful woman!

You can shop Victoria’s creations here and on the Young British Designers site!

Check the blog, you’ll see a special surprise very soon! Did you know this lovely brand? Tell me what are your favorite pieces and see you next week with a new discovery. Enjoy a little selection and fall in love with Ziiga!