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Girls, I’m back with a new interview. Prepare yourself to fall in love with Clara and her exquisite creations.

Ready for a new episode of our cool hunting section? Let’s go!

I met Clara in a cold morning in front of a hot cup of cappuccino, we started talking about her collection and instantly I undestood that there was a real talent in from of me. What caught my attention? Before seeing her incredible collection and “touching” the high quality of CORA, the 80s vibe conquered my heart!


– What’s your name?

Clara Giaquinto.

– How old are you?

I’m 30 years old.

– Where do you come from?

I’m from Padova, a city with a great history and cultural tradition.

– Where do you live?

I live in Milano since 7 years, but in the past I also lived in Australia, Bali e NYC.

– When did you start your project?

I started working on my brand, CORA, in February 2016 and then immediately followed the SS17 collection.

– How did you start it?

I started the collection doing some research about the things that I liked in that moment. I came out first with the prints which were the sparkle that ignited everything. From there I developed the silhouettes and the embroideries. Then I was selected for Vogue Talents and everything begun to rise.


– Where does your inspiration come from? 

For the SS17 collection, everything started from a trip to Pompeii, the ancient city next to Naples which was burnt down from the Vesuvius eruption in the 9th century BC. The amazing mosaics and stunning frescoes have been  the main source of inspiration used to develop the prints of the collection. At the same time, I have always been captured by the 80s aesthetic, so I referred to those years to give to the collection a really strong  attitude. The colors are bright, unforeseen and unexpected. The result is really young, feminine and bold  at the same time.

– What materials did you use for this first collection?

I decided to use all precious fabrics. Most of the garments are made from pure silk and cotton.  I’m really lucky to have started all this in Italy because here I can source all the best materials. The collection is produced from 1920srl, a company based in Milano with and extraordinary knowledge of the whole manufacturing process. They have a great history of “made-in-Italy know how” behind.  We agree on being  really strict about the quality, so I’m really lucky to collaborate with them .

– What type of woman can rock your creations?

I think my collection can suit many different types of women, since  there are pieces for any occasions and ages. But I referred to a kind of woman who, before everything is really self-conscious in her attitude and can recognize the difference between something that is top quality and between something that is not.


– Where can we find your collection? What is the price range? 

Now the samples are displayed at 1920srl showroom in Milano. The SS17 collection will be sold at Fondaco, a new store in Rome with a really contemporary concept and aesthetic. The price range is really wide. You can find precious handmade embroideries (trust me girls, they are incredibly beautiful) but also white shirts and printed cotton tops which are more affordable.

– As we love music, what’s on your current playlist?

I mostly listen to Snow Patrol, Sun Airways and Bag Raiders.

– Tell us your plans for the future!

Now I’m working on the FW18 collection which will be presented in Milano next February.***** Let’s see what the future brings! *****


Enjoy her SS17 lookbook and tell me, what would you like to find under the Christmas Tree?



Via Nino Bixio 7, Milano

Phone: +39-02-84927886