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Now that we have legitimized our athleisure garments, we can go anywhere wearing our sweat pants!

This week our cool hunting section is pleased to host a French sportswear brand: Club Pétanque, aka the Bocce club!

Launched in 2014 by two childhood friends from south of France, Club Pétanque is a fashion independent brand. It revisits the French popular culture through a sportswear inspired wardrobe. The brand is currently distributed in 30 stores in France, Japan and Switzerland. This winter, Club pétanque unveils its new collection Fraternité through a new wardrobe made in Europe with know-how and friendship. Ready to know more about the AW16 collection?

This season new collection is called Fraternité: a tribute to France and to friendship. As you may know,” fraternité” is one the three values of France and it is part of the French motto «Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité». Fraternité means brotherhood and revisits the universitary and sportswear universe thanks to minimalist items: t-shirts, sweatshirts and little accessories for men and women!

At Club Pétanque you can find some good Christmas gift ideas, everything it’s under €80. Hurry up and grab your fave pieces, set free the #coolkids in town!


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