ON AIR: The Trapeze Swinger – Iron & Wine

Are you ready to meet Susannah and her brand, The Keep Collection? If you’re sick of your old t-shirt, she has the answer to your problem. Want more? Read the interview!

– What’s your name?
Susannah Emerson.

– How old are you?

– Where do you come from? 
Washington, DC, USA.

– Where do you live? 
Between San Francisco, California & Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but The Keep Collection is based in San Francisco!
– When did you start your project? 
August 2015, officially, but I’d been brainstorming for years.

– How did you start it? 
I had recently moved back to the States after teaching Art in Madrid & studying Fashion Design & Construction in Paris, and was graced with the time to play around with my interests in fashion, art, writing, ethics etc. I came up The Keep Collection which is more or less an art project that operates as a clothing company. So we make “editions,” each of which is focused on a particular theme. We then make a garment & build out an online publication around this theme. We started with “Identity” & will have “School” coming out soon. It’s a pretty great deal cause I love clothes & making them, and can use the profits from our pieces to support the rest of what we do.

– Where does your inspiration come from? 
It’s often really abstract. I read a lot of social commentary, a lot of poetry & a lot of fiction, and so often I find myself trying to create pieces that evoke a them or an idea. It’s almost like a form of illustration.

– What materials do you use? 
Our shirts are a Supima cotton/MicroModal blend, so their feel is super luxe. MicroModal is what’s often used in lingerie, so that’s what makes it so soft – it’s almost silky. Modal is made from reconstituted fibers from beech trees. And then Supima is the highest quality cotton you can get. The easiest way to describe it is as American-grown Egyptian Cotton. The feedback I get most often is how soft the material is. Production wise, it’s our biggest splurge.
– What type of look works better with your creations? 
I make off-beat staples, so classics that have some little quirk to them. Our shirts are really versatile, so it’s hard to say, but I personally think they look great as part of somewhat minimalist, detail-oriented ensembles.

– As we love music, what’s on your current playlist?
Fun question! (An aside, the absolute best part of my job is that I can listen to music all the time.) The last few days have been filled with Christine & The Queens “iT,” Feist “The Bad In Each Other,” First Aid Kit “Shattered & Hollow,” Frank Ocean “Thinking Bout You,” Iron & Wine “The Trapeze Swinger,” and I think I’ll always be going days with all of LEMONADE on repeat.
– Tell us your plans for the future! 
We’re working on this beautiful lightweight, collared sweatshirt for The School Edition. The idea is to take a classic uniform & turn it upside down, so the collar literally will be backwards. And then we’re putting together a ton of beautiful content focused on experiences in formal education. I’m really excited about it.


A new way to year your t-shirt, an ode to genderless garments, a box cut and rounded edges. You can buy The Keep Collection here !