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Two weeks with a jewelry “cool hunting” story. Probably, I’m a little bit obsessed. Last week we were in Naples with Alessandra, this one we’ll fly to Great Britain to meet Roz Buehrlen.

I like to call her creations “jewelry for the ultimate romantics” because her pieces are so feminine, delicate and look like ancient amulets.

Who is Roz?

She’s a talented jewellery designer, maker & manufacturer. It all started with her childhood: she grew up living and traveling in many different countries. Her favorite places? Kuwait and India. Her school playground overlooked the Arabian Gulf, where seeing dolphins was part of the beautiful scenery. She camped on a beach nearly every weekend, near a small beautiful coral reef. Stingrays, lizards and car races were just a tiny part of our life in the desert. She has a very strong relationship with nature. Back in the UK, after finishing school she started to work on life size sculptures in a bronze foundry in Suffolk. Then she trained as goldsmith at KIAD and worked at The Bill Skinner Studio where she designed and made very successful ranges which are still being sold worldwide today. Now, she’s a mum of three and she has set up her own studio and foundry based in Kent. She said:

I’m obsessed with melting metal and gemstones, I get lost in hand carving little sculptures. My design style is based on nature but inspiration comes from everywhere and it is attention to detail that people most comment about.

Roz is always carrying a stack of sketchbook’s and pencil’s with her cause is where all of her design process starts. Are you wondering how she creates the real jewels?

Once I have decided on a story I start carving my little creations to make a master pattern. I then make a mould of my carvings and cast them in my foundry. From these pieces I make the finished articles. The most difficult part of my job is deciding which designs not to use – I always get carried away.

This is the first year of Roz Buehrlen jewellery but I’m sure she’ll quickly conquer your hearts with her romantic collections. But that’s not all, she told us her new collection it’s on the way and it will be completely different, can’t wait!

Are you ready to know more about the Swallows collection and see some behind the scenes?

She said:

the tales around the swallow are too irresistible, they have adorned many sailors in the past as this little land bird meant the shore was close by. They mate for life and are a symbol of freedom and love. They are an extremely agile bird and with their beautiful tails and cut a dynamic shape in the sky.

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Would you like to know what is your gift? I have nine £20 gift vouchers that you can use to buy your fave pieces!

Send me an e-mail and I would be happy to send you the details, write me at francesca@cherry-mag.com !

You can find Roz at:

Roz Buehrlen

Bishops Lodge The Square Wrotham Kent TN15 7AH

01732 882 4497 07786 330 346

Her website: www.rozbuehrlen.com / Her e-mail: roz@rozbuehrlen.com


Tell me what are your favorite pieces and stay tuned for her new upcoming collection!