ON AIR: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Frank Sinatra

This is our last cool hunting post of the year, it’s time to celebrate the holiday season here at CHERRY MAG! Do not worry girls, the cool hunting section starts to work as always January, 5th. Little hint, we’re gonna show you a very interesting footwear brand.

Today you’ll meet the lovely Anna and her collection: trust me, at Pitchouguina you can find the perfect holiday clothes. Pitchouguina is a label based on emotions that draws inspiration from everyday moments, people, words, smiles. Be obsessed by this romantic and naïve label!

Meet Anna and discover more about her brand. 

– What’s your name?

Anna Pitchouguina.

– How old are you?

I’m in my late twenties.

– Where do you come from?

Originally from Russia, grew up in Poland.

– Where do you live?In a lovely city near Florence.

– When did you start your project?

The brand was founded in 2013 and it has been lovely and hard at the same time journey.

– How did you start it?

I had the need to create things through wearable, somehow simple clothing but made with beautiful fabrics and finishings.

– Where does your inspiration come from?

I travel a lot so it comes from what I see around, cities, countryside and generally from what I absorb each day from human relationships to art gallery visits.
– What materials do you use?

Various materials but I am more and more fond of cotton. All fabrics are produced either in Italy or France and I pay great attention to fabric selection.

– What type of look works better with your creations?

A casual, contemporary yet a tiny bit feminine look.
– As we love music, tell us what’s on your current playlist!
Devendra Banhard, Paul Simon, Kurt Vile, The Woods and some old russian tunes.
– Tell us your plans for the future!
Future is a mystery 🙂
Enjoy her AW collection!