I need your help: lighting for my new house

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Hi girls, Im Gianluca! I need your help! Ive decided to give Francesca an extra-relax-time, shes really working hard for the blog. Today its, again, my turn, did you see my last Ringo Radio playlist?

Im looking for a new house and lighting is a very important thing to me. While I was checking the net (  Pinterest is full of good inspiring ideas, but also ISPYDIY) I found LAMPCOMMERCE.

Here are some info about LampCommerce. The Italian Fabbian Illuminazione SPA started business in 1977 at Resana (TV) and became quickly a foremost company in the lighting sector. Plus, the qualified staff  is able to satisfy any kind of requirement concerning project plans, sizing and design for any environment whether outdoor or indoor, public or private!

Now, l want to share with you some of my finds, although Im loving a lot of stuff so, if you see something interesting on their site, please let me know!

Lets start with the kitchen. Im Italian and the kitchen is one of our favorite spots in the house, we eat, we talk, we work at our table. What I really need in this room is a very good lighting, not to cold but also no too warm. Im looking for a simple and modern kitchen so my future light must be perfect. This is one of all my favorites. Big and luminous. Minimal and eye-catching at the same time.

The living room
: another Italians room. After a good lunch/dinner, Italians love to relax on the sofa watching some TV. But Italian guys, also love to meet their friends in the living room and play with Play Station, Xbox, Wii, and check their Pokèmon Go. Plus, binge watching is allowed. Good music on the stereo, a great gelato, your favorite magazines and your girlfriend cooking that mouthwatering gluten-free cake. Here I need a very relaxed light: a little bit warm and so soft.

The studio. My personal space. Here I work for my laboratoriociliegia.it. My eyes can suffer after a day in front of my computer but this is what I like to do. What I need is a cold light: something that can make me focus on my work. Take a look at their ARTEMIDE collection. Love this art-deco inspired hanging lamp, Ive always dreamed about a classy and polished office. Is asking for a pool billiard and a piano bar too much?

My bedroom: I adore sleeping (Francesca is my alarm clock!). What I really need is a low light on the ceiling and some stronger lights on the bedside table, you know: youre always looking for something, reading a book or your favorite magazines, I know we shouldnt do it but sometimes you need to check emails before going to bed and turn off that alarm you canf find while are you still asleep 😬.

Last but not least, the bathroom: I love to relax in a good bathtube, so a low light could be a great idea together with some scented candles that Francesca love to buy! But you know, sometimes you need some great focusing light. My last selection is this wooden hanging lamp. Mirrors lighting will be a Francescas choice, she needs good lighting for her makeup routine, what a lovely fiancé am I?

In conclusion: theres so much to do for a new house but Im so excited for this new adventure!


Different styles, different designers at great prices: this is LampCommerce! If you are Italian you can also visit their stores in Padua and Treviso. For all the foreign people out there: check where they ship because they can reach a lot of countries!


What you think about my selection? In the meantime you can check Francescas latest posts here!