ON AIR: Come – Jain

When I was 14/15 yo, my alter ego could probably say “Hi, nice to meet you, I’m a box of jewelry”. I was so obsessed with necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets. Growing up, I left bracelets (I can’t find nice models that fit my tiny wrists and buying them online is too dangerous) in the drawers, used an old simple silver sort of “engagement ring” from my mum, pearls at my ears and used only the Tiffany’s heart I bought in New York as a necklace. From 18 to 21 I’ve only worn earrings. My jewelry weak point.

Rings? I have difficulty finding models that fit me, tiny hands=same problem of my wrists. But now, that I am 22, I really feel the need to wear rings. So I started looking for some interesting models and that’s how I find this week’s discovery: Nach Bijoux.

jewelry nach logo


Nach Bijoux is an irresistible jewelry brand: unconventional, funny, chic and eye-catching at the same time. Its distinguishing marks? Porcelain and animals. But before meet the minds behind this brand.

Meet Nadia and Nancy KOCH,  the two sisters at the heart of this french brand.



The originality of their creations starts with the use of porcelain, alone or combined with other materials (for example gold plated, leather, feather, rope, etc). Please note that each piece is entirely handmade in their workshop, from the porcelain manufacturing to the assembly.

I can’t find a better descriptions than the one they give us:

 The world of Nach is cute, wild, rare, fascinating… in a word: animal!

Take a look at some of my fave pieces and.. check the blog, a surprise is coming for you: you’ll see me rocking their amazing creations. 

NB: my wish-list can’t stop to grow!