ON AIR: These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra

Shoes, shoes, shoes: a girl can never have enough shoes. Must confess, I’m a real shoe-lover. Every season I fall in love with tons and tons of new shoes. Are you ready to add some exquisite desires to your Christmas wishlist? Melis Yildiz, here we come!

Melis Yildiz is a Turkish born, Italy based footwear and accessory designer. After completed her bachelor’s degree in fashion and textile design in Istanbul, Melis moved to Italy. After a double degree from Domus Academy and the masters of arts awarded in collaboration with the University of Wales in UK she worked at Alessandro Dell’Acquas N°21 (one f my fave Italian designer, and creative director of Rochas, another of my fave brands) and Gianni Barbato before she launched her line of high-end women’s shoes in Italy.

With her first collection in July 2013, Melis participated to the Who is on next? competition of Vogue Italia where she was selected as a finalist. Melis Yildiz shoes have been featured in numerous international magazines and have seen on the feet of fashion insiders and stars!

The philosophy of the brand is combining feminine and modern design with high quality artisanal details. Each shoe is done in the most traditional way with the finest materials. Melis inspiration comes from places, historic cultures, nature, architecture and the purest forms of the decorative art periods around her. She mixes strong colors with clean lines and geometric shapes to create very eye-catching pieces.

Are you ready to admire her latest FW collection named “Porcelain Perfection“? Let’s go!

Dear Santa, could I receive two pairs od Tilda, Suzy and Lia? If you don’t mind, bring me the entire collection. With love, Francesca!