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Are you ready to fly to Uruguay? You’re gonna meet Helena and Paula, two talented girls behind Savia, who share the dream of creating a brand aiming to represent the design of their country, the ultimate brand to know.


Let’s go!


       What’s your name?

We are Helena Betolaza and Paula Vignolo.

       How old are you?

Paula is 26 and I am 24.

       Where do you come from?

We are two designers friends from Uruguay (South America).

       Where do you live?

We live in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

       When did you start your project?

The brand was born in February 2015, after finishing the studies we began to create this project.

       How did you start it?

We spent several months planning and contriving its image, the local search and how to communicate it. The first collection was presented in October 2015!

       Where does your inspiration come from?

Savia is a young and renewed brand, that focuses on the concept of elegance and aims to offering clothing, classic and modern at the same time. We try to differentiate through the use of noble materials, trapeze silhouettes and simple androgynous designs. Savia finds beauty in clean lines, no frills, no superfluous elements and seeks to fuse the harmony of nature, with its simple and organic shapes, with Lecorbusier foundations of modern architecture as purity, beauty and functionality.

– What materials do you use?

We like working with natural materials. The main fabrics we work with are wool and linen. We also create garments in cotton , baby alpaca and leather. We want to provide a quality product, which is comfortable and is in tune with a more relaxed way of life.

– What type of look works better with your creations?

Our clothes are very versatile and go well with different looks, you can put together a stylish look as well as a beachy look.

– As we love music, what’s on your current playlist?

Many different genres and artists. We’ll go from listening to Ray Charles to Devendra Banhart to The doors to Caetano Veloso to Lou Reed to The Old Crow Medicine Show. We love music!

– Tell us your plans for the future!
Since we created SAVIA, our main goal was to open up to the world!


I’m sure these girls will conquered the world so quickly, I love how they mix simplicity and functionality. Enjoy their latest look book and get ready to fall in love with their creations (needless to say that I’m craving the entire collection)!