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How do you feel after the Holidays? We’re getting more and more involved in the footwear world. After N3M, an Italian brand for both women and men, it’s time to take a plane and fly to Canada. Why? ‘Cause girls, today you’ll discover an affordable and exclusive brand straight form Montreal!

After 20 years of designing footwear L’Intervalle debuted in the heart of Plateau, the most bohemian of all Canadian neighborhoods. Bringing together a lifetime of travel, a love of timeless design and a passion for quality, their collection is inspired by a life lived to the fullest. A brand that is a fast favourite of fashion-forward girls. 

Who could be the perfect L’Intervalle girl? 

They say that “unlike the «fashion addicts» of her age, L’Intervalle girl doesn’t follow trends nor fads. Of well-dressed women, the L’Intervalle girl is perhaps the most balanced,  impulsive and educated at the same time. Her social calendar is as eventful as her nine-to-five!”

L’Intervalle draws inspiration from everywhere, runways of Paris and Milan, street fashion of London and New York. The result? Edgy footwear, focused on comfort and fit, made of the highest quality materials.

Craftsmanship and design are two aspects that the brand focuses on working with experts all over the world, now you know why their shoes look and feel so good.

L’Intervalle is a brand that’s quickly rising through social media, try to give a look at their Instagram page and fell in love with all the L’Intervalle girls out there (yeah, you could find me!).

I tried their Reikan (you can see more here) and this is my honest opinion: the shoes are basically perfect with well finished details and flawless. Comfort? 10/10, despite that mid heel (sometimes they look comfy but after a few hours wearing them they start to be so painful!) they are probably one of the most comfortable mid heels I’ve ever tried! Can’t wait to try something more!


This is their FW collection, take a look, you could find your favorite pair on sale. On my wishlist? Salvia, Chancery and every Reikan! 

PS: you’ll be the one of the first seeing their SS collection, stay tuned girls!