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Definitely, I’ve become a shoe girl.

Trust me when I say I could live without a bag, all my thoughts are focused on shoes. When I was a teenager I could’n decide between a new bag and a pair of shoes, but now, that I’m finding my aesthetics, I’m sure: shoes are my little heaven.

I’m always looking for new shoes: edgy, simple, flats, heels, sandals, boots.. whatever I like goes directly on my long long wish-list.

While I was checking some Nordic blogs I’ve found out that many bloggers were wearing shoes from Jennie Ellen. So I went in the search of a website and.. voilà, here is this week fashion discovery!

jennie ellen logo

First of all: Jennie-Ellen is a Swedish designer that, after spending a few years in Hong Kong, returned to Stockholm back in 2013 and created her own brand.

Her ambition is to design high fashion footwear and accessories in an affordable price range for conscious fashion-forward women who desire different shoes for every outfit.

What I really like is the fact that her creations are marked by both classic and modern lines, unconventional details and interesting concepts.

These are some of the shoes that I really want from her gorgeous collection:


Did you know this Swedish brand? Are you into shoes or are you on the bag-side? Tell me more in comments!