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I have a new addiction: jewels.

I’m always looking for the best creations on the market and today you’ll meet Ilene King.

Who is Ilene King?

It is a boutique design studio located in San Diego, California, founded by Laurie Ilene King, a very talented artist. Everything you can see is created by hand. She told me she “believes in small batch production because she loves designing new pieces and artisans have a short attention span.” Craftsmanship and great details are the things that keep the product line evolving. 

She started her journey by creating handbags and accessories for herself, her friends, and her family but it didn’t take long for her to realize that she wanted it to be more than just a hobby. Small quantities for these unique accessories that few others have.

Her collection is made up of handbags, jewels and accessories. Do you see that black bag? It’s my fave, just put it on my Christmas wishlist!

But as I previously told you, jewels are one of my latest obsession and I want to share you some of her best creations. Materials used? Brass, Sterling Silver, Gold plating.

Tell me your fave pieces in the comments below!